Saturday, October 3, 2015

Daddy's Little Princess. {Darth Vader takes his girl to Disneyland.}

This is Eric and Kaia. They love Star Wars, princesses, tea parties and each other.

When everyone in my house was deciding on Halloween costumes they had each picked a Star Wars character. If you know my people this isn't surprising. I love doing special photo shoots of my kids in their costumes because I feel like not only does it allow me to give them special one on one attention but it also frees me up on Halloween. I can fully enjoy trick or treating and being with my kids in the moment - without my camera. 
This year we just happened to be going to Disneyland in October. I quickly realized that I could do a wonderful photo shoot of my husband and daughter dressed up as Darth Vader and his little princess, Leia. My imagination has been going crazy ever since. I asked my almost 3 year old daughter what she thought Princess Leia would want to do with her daddy at Disneyland and she had lots of ideas including riding the tea cups and meeting the Disney Princesses. I used Kaia's ideas, Eric's ideas and my own and we ended up with a super fun photo shoot. I hope you enjoy it! 

And of course, what Leia wants, Leia gets. 

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